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Sofia Chacon - Team Leader/Realtor Estate Broker

Sofia Chacon is a full time Realtor in Southern California, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino County, her my mission is clear: She provides the highest level of customer service to her clients looking to buy, sell or leave a distressed situation by avoiding foreclosure with grace and a strategic plan.

As a Realtor, she loves and genuinely cares about her clients, she is grateful for the trust they place on her and doesn’t take it for granted. Sofia becomes a valued resource with all their real estate needs and an extended part of their families. She was born to develop these client relationships and her desire is to become the Realtor for life for all her clients. She has a great reputation among her peers and colleagues which helps her serve her clients at a high level. A high level is only achieved by clearly understanding her clients desired goals in every transaction. Referrals are the greatest compliment and about 80% of her real estate business.

Sofia is an outgoing professional that cares for, protects and empowers clients during the sale or purchase of a home. She understands that being involved in a real estate transaction can be very stressful. Educating, guiding and empowering her clients is her priority. She always put’s her clients best interest before her own. Developing these type of relationships with clients gives her an advantage over other professionals.

Sofia loves to have fun, and considers herself a very positive, happy person with high energy and a solution driven outlook to life. She believes that every problem has a solution and that most problems can be solved with honest communication. She is very straightforward and gives good and bad news immediately. She is also very accessible and communicates with clients in the manner in which they prefer, whether it be email, text or good old fashion phone calls. The only times she doesn’t answer her phone is when she is with a client or having dinner with her family or sleeping ( you get the point). When moving trucks are involved every hour counts.

George Chacon - Business Development Director / Realtor

George Chacon is the loving Husband of Sofia Chacon. A fun fact about George is that he is an obsessed dog lover and a U.S Navy Veteran. He is responsible for connecting his Clients to specialists who offer special programs for First Time Buyers. Being a Navy War Veteran himself, he is an expert at assisting Veterans and their Families. He genuinely cares about his clients. He enjoys serving heroes from Single parents to First Responders, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Medical, and many more. George cares about their needs, wants, and vision of what their expectations of the entire real estate transaction should be. He serves clients with passion, punctual open communication, and ethical professionalism. He gives clients up to date, accurate information on everything relevant to their transaction, so that they will not feel "in the dark" at any time throughout the transaction. Ultimately, he builds trust, provides positive energy, and an overall confidence on both side of the court. These values coincide with The Sofia Chacon Group’s 4 key words business model: Care~Serve~Give~Inspire

Melvin is a loving Husband and Father of a sweet two-year-old girl and one brand new baby boy. A perfect day in his eyes would be a Sunday afternoon with his family, gardening, and working on his truck. Melvin’s role as a Realtor in The Sofia Chacon Group is to inform and educate his buyers and sellers regarding the home buying process. It is his responsibility to investigate, search, and negotiate the best terms for his clients.

Sinai Puente - Director of Social Media

Sinai is a petite, college student who is obsessed with travel and funny films. In her free time, she dedicates herself to family and church activities. She believes that to be successful, we must be grateful first because every person in our life plays an important role and is key to helping us get to our destination. Sinai’s primary role in the Sofia Chacon group is to market and advertise each home and work her magic in the film editing room.

Norma Cervantes - Director of Operations/Transaction Coordinator

Norma is a mom to the cutest, smartest one-year old girl who sometimes thinks she’s a zombie! Growing up Norma was convinced she would become a backup dancer for Janet Jackson or Britney Spears but clearly that did not happen… thank Goodness! You also must know that Norma unconsciously hums rhymes and kid's songs all day when she’s away from her daughter, (Baby Shark, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo...) However, her primary role as a Transaction Coordinator in the Sofia Chacon Group is to manage all paperwork and deadlines involved in a Real estate transaction and to be sure the team stays on track with their goals.

Kerstin O'Mara - Listing Coordinator

Kerstin is a caring Wife, and a Mother of a beautiful 16-year-old daughter. She has been married to her gorgeous Husband for over 21 years. In her free time, she enjoys listening to Live Music, taking her little dog on walks with the family, and watching old episodes of The Office.  She is a great cook, her specialty is eggplant. Kerstin’s role in the Sofia Chacon Group is to oversee all aspects of a transaction on the "Front End", from preparing the initial listing package to entering escrow.